Episode Forty-Seven - Barney Burman Interview (Makeup Effects for 'Mission: Impossible III'), Part 1

This week we talk to Oscar-winning make-up effects artist Barney Burman, who provided the make-up effects for "Mission: Impossible III." We get into his history in the business, including the famous movies his family worked, and dive deep into the secrets of "III," including doing the make-up on Tom Cruise and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Plus, you know you want it, we get into the origins of Les Grossman, Cruise's character from "Tropic Thunder" (Barney also did those effects).

Episode Forty-Six - Mailbag

This is it – the episode you’ve been waiting for! Our first-ever mailbag episode! That’s right, we’re tearing into listener questions from as far away and exotic as the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, even Canada! We also discuss “Mission: Impossible” as it relates to the 007 franchise, whether or not Ethan will go into space in parts 7 and 8, and what we can glean about the sequels from Christopher McQuarrie’s Instagram account.

Episode Forty-Five - Never-Before-Heard Stories from the Set of 'Mission: Impossible III'

On this week’s episode we take a look at a “Mission: Impossible” production from the ground level, as camera PA Luke Allein gives us details about the domestic shoot of “Mission: Impossible III.” Learn what it’s like working with cinematographer Dan Mindel, which cast member’s voice carried above all others, and how Tom Cruise rewarded the crew on the super-long days. 

Episode Forty-Two - The Making of ‘Mission: Impossible III’ (2006), Part 1

It’s time to do a deep dive into the production of one of the most controversial entries in the franchise, “Mission: Impossible III!” On today’s episode we get into the movie’s thorny pre-production, when David Fincher, Joe Carnahan and Ang Lee were all interested andhow the “Superman” reboot affected plans for the film. Also: we have a Patreon now!

Episode Forty-One - Brad Bird Interview, Part 3 (Director of ‘Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol’)

In our final installment in our epic Brad Bird interview, we finally get to the issue that you have been waiting for … a frank discussion of Tom Cruise’s hair. (The answer is as satisfying as it is matter-of-fact.) We also talk more about IMAX, why Luther isn’t on the team, and the three running shots that aren’t Tom! Don’t worry, we end on a bang!

Episode Forty - Brad Bird Interview, Part 2 (Director of ‘Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol’)

This is it! The sequel you’ve been waiting for – part two of our conversation with the amazing Brad Bird! In this installment, we attempt to get to the bottom of those location cards, find out what James Bond movies were an influence, the role “Die Hard” and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" played in the making of the movie, his intention with the Paula Patton/Lea Seydoux fight and how he wanted to end the movie on a VERY different note. Also, find out why you should never use rich people as extras! It’s another wild ride.