Episode Thirty-Nine - Brad Bird Interview, Part 1 (Director of ‘Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol’)

This is it! The first part of our epic conversation with the one and only Brad Bird, director of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol!” In this episode we discuss what made him choose “Mission: Impossible” for his first live action-feature, his vision for the title sequence and how he wanted it to be different from other entries, and just how close Vanessa Redgrave came to reprising her role of Max in the sequel (it’s probably much closer than you’d think). Bird also recounts an alternate opening that had us shook. All of this and much more in this very special episode!

Episode Thirty-Eight - Filmograph Interview, Part 2 (Title Designers for 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' and 'Rogue Nation')

DESCRIPTION: We conclude our conversation with the ridiculously talented team from Filmograph, talking about how the music from the film influences the title sequences, whether or not they’ll return for future missions, and a very cool Easter egg they smuggled into the ‘Fallout’ curtain call. And, of course, we get them to rank the movies! Plus, we get them to discuss some of their amazing work, including “Aquaman” and “Glass!”

Episode Thirty-Seven - Filmograph Interview, Part 1 (Title Designers for 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' and 'Rogue Nation')

This week we sit down with Aaron Becker & Seth Kleinberg of Filmograph to talk about their amazing title sequences for “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” and “Mission: Impossible – Fallout.” We discuss what makes for a classic title sequence, how other title sequences from the franchise influenced their approach (including the work of their old boss Kyle Cooper) and get into the nitty gritty when it comes to the “sparkiness” of the fuse. It’s a spirited discussion of one of our favorite aspects of the films!

Episode Thirty-Six - Oliver Stone's 'Mission: Impossible 2'

We do a deep-dive into a little-read screenplay for what would have been Oliver Stone's "Mission: Impossible 2." Written by David Marconi with revisions by Michael Tolkin, this would have been a VERY different sequel, with returning characters from the first film and, um, an evil supercomputer as the villain. Plus, we go into what changed once John Woo took over and uncover a lost sequence from David Koepp's 1994 draft of the first movie. It's an awesome excursion into the land of what-if.

Episode Thirty-Five - Robert Elswit Interview, Part 2

If you thought last week was a doozy, just wait until this week. We're back with Academy Award-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit, who does a deep dive into how they filmed the plane stunt for "Rogue Nation," how his background in effects helped him conceptualize the underwater sequence, and what went into the opera set piece. We also got some details of his working relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson and were blessed with a genuinely incredible "There Will Be Blood" story. Praise be.

Episode Thirty-Four - Robert Elswit Interview, Part 1

This is a big one! We got to sit down with Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit, who also has the distinction of being the only man to shoot two "M:I" movies -- "Ghost Protocol" and "Rogue Nation!" On this week's episode we dive deep into "Ghost Protocol," and get his thoughts on working with Brad Bird and shooting the Burj sequence (it sounded as hairy as it looked). And as for some bonus content, Elswit describes what it was like shooting a James Bond and Jason Bourne movie, as well. It's an embarrassment of riches, really.

Episode Thirty-Three – The Making of ‘Mission: Impossible 2’ (2000), Part 2 

On this week’s episode we pause (briefly) to discuss the SAG Awards before continuing our deep dive into the making of “Mission: Impossible 2,” including the post-production and marketing of the movie. Learn all about the 11th hour editing of the movie, its lavish premiere party, and whether or not Drew can tell which tag line belongs to which movie.