Episode Sixty-One – ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Vinyl Soundtrack (Interview with Mo Shafeek)

On this very special episode, we are joined by Mo Shafeek from Mondo a.k.a. the man responsible for the amazing vinyl releases of the scores for "Mission: Impossible" and "Mission: Impossible - Fallout!" (Fun fact: he was the very first guest on the show!) We get the scoop on these vinyl releases, as well as Mondo's plans for the remaining scores.

Episode Sixty - Mikey Neumann Interview, Part 2

In the second half of our conversation with FilmJoy video essayist Mikey Neumann (@MikeyFace), we discuss the climax of the first “Mission: Impossible” and how awesome it is, get Mikey’s rankings of the films and dissect them in detail, hypothesize about how the franchise could expand to television and, once more, get into the nitty gritty of IMF middle management.  

Episode Fifty-Nine – Mikey Neumann Interview, Part 1

This week begins our chat with video essayist Mikey Neumann (@MikeyFace) from FilmJoy, who recently did a tandem video with friend-of-the-podcast and recurring guest Patrick H. Willems. In this episode, we discuss “Mission: Impossible 2” and its place in the franchise, Mikey’s soft spot for “Mission: Impossible III,” and we read an email from a linguistics expert that sheds light on the code they make Philip Seymour Hoffman read in the third movie!

Episode Fifty-Eight - The Music of Mission: Impossible with Jeremy Dylan, Part 4

In the epic finale of our multi-part crossover series with Jeremy Dylan of the My Favorite Album podcast, we bow down once more to Lorne Balfe and his “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” score. We also do our rankings of the themes and scores and get Jeremy’s rankings of the films (obviously). Plus we talk about who we’d like to see tackle a “M:I” score for future installments (only if Lorne Balfe is too busy or has a cold or something). What a wild ride this has been!       

Episode Fifty-Seven - The Music of Mission: Impossible with Jeremy Dylan, Part 3

Album podcast sees us dissecting Michael Giacchino’s music for “Mission: Impossible 3” and “Rogue Nation” (plus there’s much talk of the Dean Martin song) and Joe Kraemer’s music for “Rogue Nation.” Also for some reason we talk about the current state of dog movies and play a clip from a bizarre novelty song from the 1960s that uses the original series’ theme. This is a weird one.

Episode Fifty-Six - The Music of Mission: Impossible with Jeremy Dylan, Part 2

In the second part of our epic crossover series, we continue our chat with Jeremy Dylan of the My Favorite Album podcast, this time zeroing on the highly controversial “Mission: Impossible 2” and Hans Zimmer’s operatic score (also that Limp Bizkit song). Plus, we get Jeremy’s hair rankings, which might be the most controversial moment in our entire podcast history.

Episode Fifty-Five - The Music of Mission: Impossible with Jeremy Dylan, Part 1

In our very first crossover series, we’re joined by Jeremy Dylan of the My Favorite Album podcast and we discuss the “Mission: Impossible” music – we even include clips, courting further litigation and putting us in the same legal hot water as our frequently targeted composer Kevin Blumenfeld! We even do a side-by-side comparison of the music Alan Silvestri composed for the first film and the Danny Elfman tracks that wound up in the movie! Put your headphones on and turn it way up!

Episode Fifty-Four - Our 'Mission: Impossible' (1996) Commentary Preview

This is it – fifteen minutes of the moment you’ve been waiting for, a preview of our commentary track for “Mission: Impossible,” normally available to our Patreon subscribers but teased here for your listening pleasure. Also, we run through some fascinating “Mission: Impossible”-related news, including a chart discussing the average length of Brian De Palma shots and a current cable ad that apes the Langely sequence from the first film! Listen and become a Patreon subscriber! Please!