Episode Sixty-Five – Stu Maschwitz Interview, Part 2

In the second part of our incredible interview with visual effects maestro Stu Maschwitz (@5tu on Twitter), we continue our discussion of the train chase from “Mission: Impossible,” including the model and miniature work, along with the CGI helicopter, plus he tells us stories about De Palma’s “Mission” follow-up “Snake Eyes,” and working with Bong Joon-ho on his monster movie classic “The Host.”

Episode Sixty-Four - Stu Maschwitz Interview (Digital Effects Artist for 'Mission: Impossible'), Part 1

In this week’s episode, we talk to visual effects veteran Stu Maschwitz (@5tu on Twitter), who early in his career worked at Industrial Light & Magic on the first “Mission: Impossible.” He tells us about the helicopter chase, Tom Cruise’s unreal commitment and the big mask reveals. Plus, we discuss the CBS/Paramount merger and what it could mean for the “Mission: Impossible” franchise.

Episode Sixty-Three – Mission: Impossible Theme Park Rides (Interview with Carlye Wisel, Part 2)

On the second part of our wide-ranging chat with theme park journalist Carlye Wisel (Travel + Leisure, Syfy), we discuss what we'd like from a "Mission: Impossible" theme park attraction or experience (spoiler: we want the restaurant from the first film!) Carlye also tells us about a cool "Ghost Protocol" reference in "How I Met Your Mother," and she gives us her hair rankings and movie rankings (both are controversial).

Episode Sixty-Two – Mission: Impossible Theme Park Rides (Interview with Carlye Wisel, Part 1)

This week we are joined by theme park journalist Carlye Wisel (Travel + Leisure, Syfy), as we discuss the plans for the Paramount parks in England and South Korea. She gives us some background on these proposed (still unbuilt) parks and we spend a good amount of time discussing what is feasible for the parks in terms of rides, shows and attractions based on "Mission: Impossible."

Episode Sixty-One – Mission: Impossible – Fallout Vinyl Soundtrack (Interview with Mo Shafeek)

On this very special episode, we are joined by Mo Shafeek from Mondo a.k.a. the man responsible for the amazing vinyl releases of the scores for "Mission: Impossible" and "Mission: Impossible - Fallout!" (Fun fact: he was the very first guest on the show!) We get the scoop on these vinyl releases, as well as Mondo's plans for the remaining scores.

Episode Sixty - Mikey Neumann Interview, Part 2

In the second half of our conversation with FilmJoy video essayist Mikey Neumann (@MikeyFace), we discuss the climax of the first “Mission: Impossible” and how awesome it is, get Mikey’s rankings of the films and dissect them in detail, hypothesize about how the franchise could expand to television and, once more, get into the nitty gritty of IMF middle management.  

Episode Fifty-Nine – Mikey Neumann Interview, Part 1

This week begins our chat with video essayist Mikey Neumann (@MikeyFace) from FilmJoy, who recently did a tandem video with friend-of-the-podcast and recurring guest Patrick H. Willems. In this episode, we discuss “Mission: Impossible 2” and its place in the franchise, Mikey’s soft spot for “Mission: Impossible III,” and we read an email from a linguistics expert that sheds light on the code they make Philip Seymour Hoffman read in the third movie!